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Link Exchange
Types Of Link Exchange
There are two types of links you can establish on the web.
Reciprocal Link Exchange: In this type, you give a link from the links Page on your site to the partner sites in return you get reciprocal link to your site from link partnerís site. A reciprocal link is a text and/or banner link to a web site that also has a text or banner link back (in reciprocation) to your own website.
Cross Linking: Cross Linking is a popular technique designed to build traffic and increase PageRank. It relies on two websites agreeing to point an outbound-link to the other site.
Importance of Link exchange in Search Engine Optimization:
The entire goal of a search engine marketing strategy is to attract visitors to a website. One of these steps is to ensure that when potential visitors to your website enter a relevant search phrase into a search engine, the search results page lists a link to your site, hopefully near the top. A properly executed linking campaign will help 'push' a website to the top of the search engine listings for a relevant keyword search.
Good quality links are necessary to achieve high search engine rankings, as they are an important factor that the search engines look for in reviewing a web site. If everything else about a website is perfectly optimized, the website still may not show up at all, or will lag behind other, less valuable websites, if it has no incoming links.
By having as many websites as possible linking to your own, you are essentially getting that many recommendations from other web site operators. These recommendations are counted and weighed by the search engines as part of their algorithms.


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